Save A Lot Food Stores: Savings made easy.
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I see growing my community and career.
Shhhh, here's the secret to our success: our people.
We operate 1,300+ thriving stores from Maine to California because our people are dedicated, passionate and good at what they do (and have fun doing it). We proudly play a part by making sure our team is well trained and rewarded.

It's a team that includes everyone from cashiers to our CEO. There's not a lot of hierarchy here—we're all in this together. We listen to each other, we support each other and we high-five each other.

After all, with over 30 years of experience under our belt, we've learned how to run our business. We operate with integrity while never losing sight of success. Come visit and see what we mean.
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We have over 400 trademarks and exclusive brands that deliver quality and value.
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